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CD – 44

The Mechanism of Acton for Adiposano® is not fully understood.  A second round of RCT investigation is currently underway to help verify and confirm some of the mechanisms involved. One things that is clear – Adiposano® is affecting the regulation of eWATS “upstream and having a widespread affect on a variety of inflammatory markers.

One theory is that CD-44 receptors are being suppressed or blocked.

CD-44 is an extracellular matric receptor expressed I adipocytes (the fat storing cells in adipose tissue).  CD-44’s expression level in the adipose inflammation and with insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) in obesity.

Nutritional management with Adiposano® may block CD-44 leading to decreased pro-inflammatory adipokines, decreased systemic inflammation, decreased adipose tissue accumulation, reduced adipogenesis, and improvement in insulin resistance.

Here are some helpful brochures and One Sheets to provide more information for you and your doctor.

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Affected Inflammatory Markers

An Adiposano® detail brochure page showing affected the inflammatory markers.

White Paper

A PDF of a White Paper to explain the Metabolic OsteoArthritis of Adiposano® for your doctor.

Case Study

A case study done on Adiposano® / Metabolic Benefits

Bottle Label

A large image of the Adiposano® bottle label.

FAX Order Form

An Adiposano® fax order form that your office may use.