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Inflammatory Markers

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90 Days to Metabolic Change

Adiposano® has a remarkable and widespread affect on a broad list of inflammatory markers. Of particular interest to obesity experts is the simultaneous decrease of leptin while adiponectin is increased.  This results in a 25%- 33% improvement of the Leptin/Adiponectin ratio over the course of 90 days.

These results were first observed in the Adiposano® Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial conducted in Spain under the name Oralvisc®.  These results were recently replicated in a series of case studies in Dallas, Texas.

How does Adiposano® work?

The mechanism of action of Adiposano has not been completely elucidated. Research suggests Adiposano® can inhibit adipogenesis (the creation of new fat cells), decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines, and decrease inflammation both systemically and in the synovial fluid.  We believe that Adiposano® works block or restrict an upstream mechanism (perhaps CD44) which prevents a broad cascade of inflammatory response.

Here are some helpful brochures and One Sheets to provide more information for you and your doctor.

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White Paper

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