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Leptin – Adiponectin Ratio

Obesity experts get very excited about the performance of Adiposano® with overweight and obese patients.  Perhaps the most meaningful metric that routinely shifts over the course of 90 days of administration is the improved ration between leptin and adiponectin.

Lowering leptin is a nice benefit on it’s own.  However, a number of studies have shown tat while lowering leptin can have a few temporary benefits for the patient (appetite suppression, losing weight), these changes are usually not sustained more than a week or two.  The body adjust to the new leptin level and returns to homeostasis – which in the case of excess adipose tissue is more of a dysbiosis with inflammation.

The corresponding increase in adiponectin makes the difference.  By both lowering leptin and raising adiponectin, the resulting improved ratio has a number of meaningful benefits. First the ration is often used as an index of the patient’s insulin resistance. The improved ratio is a signal of meaningful restoration of insulin resistance. Leptin upregulates proinflammatory cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-6; these are associated with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus. In contrast, adiponectin has anti-inflammatory properties and downregulates the expression and release of a number of proinflammatory immune mediators.

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