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Systemic Inflammation

Adiposano® has been shown to normalize dyslipidemia in obese patients.

Through years of research, the scientific team at Bioberica (Spain) has discovered a unique glycosaminoglycan blend that has been clinically proven to lower a wide range of pro-inflammatory markers.  The decrease in low grade inflammation may well become a key to better management of pre-diabetes patients and pre-metabolic syndrome patients. The research team led by Dr D Martinez has created an eWATS Intervention white paper that goes into more detail.  Likewise, an obesity expert in Texas was able to replicate these metabolic results during a recent case study over the course of 6 months supplementation with Adiposano®.


“White adipose tissue (WAT), while previously regarded as passive lipid storage (for future energy reserves), is now considered to be a dynamic tissue with endocrine and immune functions.”


“White adipose tissue (WAT) is a metabolically active organ that secretes several cytokine signaling molecules, known as adipokines, into systemic circulation.”

90 Days to Change

The clinical studies for Adiposano® have shown some remarkable impact by inhibiting adipogenesis, regulating adipokines and cytokines to thereby reduce systemic inflammation. In a sense, obesity can be viewed as the loss of homeostasis for cytokines such as leptin. Adiposano® works over time to restore that metabolic balance.

In the 3-month case study with Adiposano®, patients experienced a decrease in BMI due to a change in their body fat composition.  In particular, their leptin/adiponectin ratio decreased significantly (7.19 to 5.23 or x%).  NOTE: More accurate approaches than BMI (such as DEXA scans) are recommended for more accurate body fat assessment.]

How does Adiposano® work?

The mechanism of action of Adiposano® has not been completely elucidated. Research suggests Adiposano® can inhibit adipogenesis (the creation of new fat cells), decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines, and decrease inflammation both systemically and in the synovial fluid.  We believe that Adiposano® works block or restrict an upstream mechanism (perhaps CD44) which prevents a broad cascade of inflammatory response. 

Here are some helpful brochures and One Sheets to provide more information for you and your doctor.

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Affected Inflammatory Markers

An Adiposano® detail brochure page showing affected the inflammatory markers.

White Paper

A PDF of a White Paper to explain the Metabolic OsteoArthritis of Adiposano® for your doctor.

Case Study

A case study done on Adiposano® / Metabolic Benefits

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