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Osteoarthritis Benefit

Adiposano® utilizes a unique glycosaminoglycan combination to help you manage your metabolic inflammation.  The active ingredient comes primarily from rooster combs and has the unique property of blocking hormones that come from excess tissue around our waist (body fat).  Adiposano® works to regulate these hormones and negative cytokines and adipokines that will damage your health and sometimes other organs.

Its about Wellness, not Waistline.

Having excess weight doesn’t just pose a challenge for how we look in the mirror. Excess tissue and fat around the waist becomes an active force within the body – contributing to a low grade inflammation that spreads through the bloodstream into muscle, organs and our joints.  This inflammation causes trouble as it goes.  Inflammation contributes to negative metabolic changes. It can be a precursor to metabolic syndrome and/or diabetes. Accordingly, it is a good idea that you work with your doctor to get this inflammation under control.

90 Days to Change

Adiposano® works in a slow, natural way to block and regulate the negative inflammation cytokines from excess white adipose tissue. This process takes time. Your adipose tissue didn’t form overnight… and managing it isn’t an instant process either. The good news is that this can be done safely and effectively.  You simply need to commit to better diet and exercise.  You can also aid this process by taking Adiposano® for at least 90 days. 

Ordering Adiposano®

With your doctor’s permission, you can order Adiposano® directly form DIEM Labs.  You may call in an order at (800) 971-3721 (ext 3).  You doctor may fax in an order at (307) 316-0328.  You may order directly from this website at the BUY NOW shopping cart page.

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White Paper

A PDF of a White Paper to explain the Metabolic OsteoArthritis of Adiposano® for your doctor.

Metabolic Factors

a PDF listing the Metabolic Factors affected by Adiposano®

Fax Order Form

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