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Talk To Your Doctor

Adiposano® is registered as a Medical Food

product in the United States. This means the FDA regards the active ingredients as safe and will allow companies to market the product by citing clinical studies as to the efficacy and use of that product.  Medical Foods should be administered under the supervision of a healthcare professional.


– One of the stipulations is that medical foods cannot be something that a person can get easily through their normal diet alone.  As stated, the glycans used in Adiposano® come from rooster combs and are highly concentrated.  While it’s not impossible for a person to eat several rooster combs daily (ketchup anyone?), it is highly unlikely that they could find sch an ingredient or would want to consume them through diet. Instead, the active ingredient is combined with a bioflavonoid and made into capsules which are much more convenient to take.

Ask Your Doctor

Still, the question as to if Adiposano® is the right choice for you is one to discuss with your healthcare provider. As previously stated, excess adipose tissue causes inflammation throughout the body.  Adiposano® works to neutralize this inflammation. As such, Adiposano® works to manage several of the negative symptoms caused by obesity.  There is a clear link between obesity and osteoarthritis.  This link is inflammation and Adiposano® can help.

Ordering Adiposano®

With your doctor’s permission, you can order Adiposano® directly form DIEM Labs.  You may call in an order at (800) 971-3721 (ext 3).  You doctor may fax in an order at (307) 316-0328.  You may order directly from this website at the BUY NOW shopping cart page. Click Here

Here are some helpful brochures and One Sheets to provide more information for you and your doctor.

Click to print a PDF of any of the following choices:

White Paper

A PDF of a White Paper to explain the Metabolic OsteoArthritis of Adiposano® for your doctor.


Metabolic Factors Affected by Adiposano®