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What To Expect for Patients

100 Steps Into the Woods

You’ve heard that expression.  It means that your body didn’t develop this condition overnight, and that the solution isn’t going to happen overnight as well. When taking Adiposano®, we need to realize that our goal is to help the body make metabolic changes.  These changes are like a transformation and usually take time.

90 Days

Most studies indicate that the benefits of Adiposano® will occur is roughly three months time. Results may vary from person to person.  We all have different factors and are able to adapt to changes at different rates.  The changes and transformation your body needs to make at a cellular level can usually take shape over 90 days, provided that you take the product as instructed each day.

2 Capsules per Day

is the recommended dose for most adults. After you experience metabolic changes, your doctor may decide to cut the dose back to one capsule a day as a maintanance dose. During this time, you should not expect to have any side effects or adverse reactions.  That would be uncommon.  Hundreds of people safely took Adiposano® during the original clinical trials.  Thousands more have taken the product since.  Virtually no one reports any side effects.

Adiposano® is Natural

The active ingredients are taken from the combs of roosters.  This may seem an unusual source of medicine; but the rooster comb is a natural source of glycosaminoglycans that have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. These active ingredients also have safe, natural pathways in the body.  This reduces the chance for a negative reaction or side effect.