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Adiposano™ is an orally administered medical food. Please use under supervision of a healthcare professional. Adiposano™ capsules are used for metabolic regulation and used specifically for overweight/obese patients with BMI of 30+. Adiposano™ is designed to reduce/downregulate excess white adipose tissue and thereby improve metabolic regulation and reduce systemic inflammation. Adiposano™ dosed as two capsules daily. The daily dosage of 2 capsules contains 280 mg of citrus bioflavanoid complex and 80 mg of oralvisc®

White Paper

Written by the clinical study PI to describe the clinical highlights and propose his views as to the possible mechanism of action.

Case Histories

Clinical case histories done by a Texas physician during 2017, these findings are very much aligned with the clinical results in the initial RCT (randomized controlled trial).

Package Insert

Information on Administration, Indications and Usage, Contraindications, Precautions, Adverse Reactions, Ingredients, Dosage, Storage, and how Adiposano™ is supplied.